our history

1969 Feb.

Niwa Trading Co., Ltd. founded by Kenji Niwa, the eldest son of the founder of NTN Corporation (listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and TCM Corporation (merged with Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd. Now UniCarriers Holdings Corporation)

1971 Dec.

Company name changed to Niwa Real Estate Corporation

1985 Apr.

St. Adira Corporation founded

1985 Apr.

NMO Corporation founded

2005 Sep.

Niwa Estate Corporation founded

2005 Dec.

Tatsuya Niwa appointed President and Representative Director.
Company name changed to Niwa Asset Management Co., Ltd.

2006 Jun.

D-Dimension founded

2006 Nov.

Building Support Co., Ltd. founded

2011 Jun.

Niwa Real Estate Corporation founded

2011 Jun.

Niwa Insurance Co., Ltd. founded

2011 Sep.

Niwa Trust International (USA) founded

2013 Apr.

Trust Corporate Tax Accountant Co., Ltd. founded

2013 Jul.

Company name changed to Niwa Trust Co., Ltd.

2013 Nov.

Acquired all shares of Annandale Co., Ltd.

2014 Apr.

Acquired all shares of My Tours, Inc.

2015 Aug.

Hiranomachi Corporation founded

2018 Mar.

Trust Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd. founded

2019 Jul.

Invested in Japan Areal Medical Support Co., Ltd.

2020 Nov.

Invested in UME Co., Ltd.

2022 Mar.

Acquired all shares of Mitsuwa Advertising Co., Ltd.

2022 Mar.

Acquired all shares of Mitsuwa Planning Co., Ltd.

2022 Dec.

Niwa Holdings Co., Ltd. founded